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With a wealth of experience and significant positioning within health and social care economies, Global Care Hub is ready to lead and support organisational and service transformation agendas to meet and surmount the challenges of cost effective and efficacious developments in service and resource provision around the world.


… ensure sustainable change

Through experience and intimate working knowledge of transforming sector providers and commissioner, Global Care Hub can demonstrate a portfolio of skills, thought leadership and ambition essential in establishing not only the platform for transformation planning, but also to co-ordinate and realise implementation and action focussed solutions in partnership with clients.

The pivotal issue of knowledge and skills transfer and shared learning, ensuring that transformation change is sustainable, relevant, and correctly aligned to organisation business objectives and strategies, is a critical requirement of our collaborative approach.

Global Care Hub consultants are proficient in lean methodologies and the range off-the-shelf transformation models promoted by other consultancies, however, we understand the demand for flexible, adaptable and most importantly, client pertinent support to health and social care stakeholders. We believe in the delivery of hands-on, practical, and transparent working that enables client ownership, rejecting the purely helicopter approach and external dependency of others.

Our support initiatives

  • Skilled and robust leadership and project management
  • Individual and team development and growth
  • Facilitation of both co-ordinated and en passant learning mechanisms
  • Establishment of transformation objectives and strategies aligned to organisational agendas
  • Development of a unique transformation framework, with clear lines of accountability and responsibility
  • Skills and competencies framework capable of utilisation for other service areas
  • Coaching and mentoring support
  • Relationship facilitation with suppliers and secondary stakeholders
  • Development of governance framework
  • Performance management and dispute resolution
  • Milestone and periodic progress reporting with benefits realisation
  • Red flag protocols adherence and contingency planning, with risk diary maintenance
  • Resource management and skilled financial profiling


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Global Care Hub International

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