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Strategic business planning

Global Care Hub is able to provide in-depth and skilled capacity to enable health and social care organisations realise their true potential and adopt a market position that will deliver commercial and service delivery success, both now and into the future.

 … the need for new strategies

The partner executive team, supported by an incredibly diverse and experienced group of consultants and affiliates, delivers an unrivalled resource that can underpin the strategic business planning requirements of your organisation.

Consumers, clinicians, suppliers and managers are recognising the challenges ahead for health and social care systems, including serious challenges stemming from financial, social, demographic, environmental and technological changes.

Effective and intelligence led business and strategic planning provides a solid basis upon which to build current and future plans, and as stakeholders understand the requirement for the engagement of external capacity and leadership.

Our support

Global Care Hub stands ready to help with challenges that include:

  • New structures to drive decision making and support delivery
  • New approaches and relationships to working with partners
  • Reforming budget processes to allocate resources more effectively and make smarter choices about the costs and benefits of services
  • Scoping of the environment to identify member organisations, the people in the communities it serves, the market in which the network does business, and the geographic region where it is located
  • Stronger accountability for the delivery of priorities
  • Building capabilities across the public, independent and third sector to drive delivery
  • Improved access to services, with better outcomes for the population
  • Building a sustainable and skills-matched workforce
  • Being ready for new risks and opportunities in established and emerging markets.


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