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Global Care Hub recognises the ‘exportable’ value of high quality, cost effective and best practice healthcare provision, beyond the historic boundaries of countries and continents, providing significant leadership and market intelligence for healthcare providers, suppliers, and commissioners.


… going Global

Experienced and knowledgeable consultants located around the globe are able to deliver key input and interventions to support organisations seeking to embark, or mature a position, on the internationalisation journey, including the five main action lines, funding, planning, research, development, and commercialisation.

In identifying and recognising potentially viable opportunities in both new and established marketplaces and economies, Global Care Hub is able to provide critical and relevant strategic planning, intelligence, modelling, and brokerage to optimise impact and organisational positioning, and also to understand the market dynamics and barriers.

Relationship development and collaborative engagement enable stakeholders to ascertain the extent of commercial potential, but structured and astute business development frameworks and market synergy profiling, provides a platform from which our clients can build and realise success.

Our value proposition

Global Care Hub can deliver pivotal support to your organisation, including:

  • Facilitation of synergy between political and commercial agendas
  • Market definition,  intelligence and research
  • Strategic business planning
  • Policy development and alignment
  • Health and medical tourism
  • Competitor analysis
  • Funding, investment, and finance modelling
  • Regulatory assessment and interpretation
  • Time of entry, entry modes, and market selection
  • Partnership and collaborative working development
  • Working knowledge of the ‘Link-Leverage-Learn’ framework
  • Establishment of triple helix agreements and partnerships
  • Brand promotion and customer facing advancement.


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Global Care Hub International

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