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Human Capital Management

The well-rehearsed cliché, “our people are our most important assets” is seldom considered to be an accurate representation of organisational culture, and blurs the understanding between ‘human resource management’ and ‘human capital management’, despite the fact that the workforce is typically an organisation’s single largest expense;

… maximize ROI of human capital

Global Care Hub seeks to maximise the benefits of competence, value and asset led human capital management for our health and social care clients. In measuring the worth of the workforce, with critical knowledge, skills and experience, who contribute to the value adding mission of the organisation, it is possible to track its increase or decrease and take better and targeted actions for investing in recruitment, retention and development.

Health and social care economies face unprecedented pressures to gain the maximum output from their human capital investment and whether the presenting issue is one of competence capital, potential, or current and future value (including business and professional knowledge, skills and experience, personal skills and behaviours, critical relationships held, ability to get results, alignment to organisational values, and  mobility/flexibility of location), Global Care Hub are able to help shape correctly aligned and prioritised solutions for your organisation.

Our value proposition

Our consultants have in-depth experience and expertise of working with multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams, in optimising the value of human capital within health and social care, inclusive of:

  • Designing and supporting the design and implementation of human capital programmes;
  • Utilisation of proven models and frameworks to develop and implement strategies for organisational change
  • Leadership of human capital work streams
  • Coaching and mentorship of client leads
  • Facilitation of executive and team workshops
  • Development and delivery of human capital measurement tools and mechanisms
  • Talent and champion identification
  • Development of dynamic skills and competency matrices
  • Workforce planning and skills matching
  • International benchmarking
  • Development of training and development strategies
  • Leadership and support to transformation and change management programmes
  • Succession and contingency planning
  • Communications and transition management.


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