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The requirement for improved and stronger networks across provider, commissioner and supplier organisations is recognised as being a pivotal issue to meeting cost improvement, quality, and collaborative agendas.


… our unique market position

With a unique market position, Global Care Hub represents an outstanding solution to the growing awareness and demand within health and social care economies for improved collaboration, partnership, formal and informal relationships, and resource sharing across the wealth of stakeholder organisations.


… network leverage

Global Care Hub is able to exploit an international network of health and social care groups, to deliver key relationship management and brokerage, enabling effective, productive and successful commercial arrangements.

Our support

Whatever the stage of the brokerage journey you are at, Global Care Hub can provide critical support, including challenges such as:

  • Opportunities awareness, identification, and  development
  • Third party facilitation and challenge resolution
  • Contract development and management
  • Practical solutions-led resources for core and peripheral industries and stakeholders across health and social care economies
  • Market analysis, assessment, intelligence, agency, and realisation
  • Intelligence, capacity and capability in developing agreements and commercial arrangements
  • Strong communication pathways and skills with service priorities and integration knowhow
  • Organisational and service development with business and strategic planning leadership.


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Global Care Hub International

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