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Assistive Technologies

Global Care Hub demonstrates leadership and sector expertise in the development of new and innovative solutions to the placement and development of Assistive Technologies in the health and social care marketplace.



Assistive Technologies is used as an umbrella term to include Telehealth (sometimes known as Telemedicine), Telecare, and Care Technologies that refer to any item, piece of equipment, or product system, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities or debilitating conditions. The global challenge of an ageing population with enduring health and social care requirements, such as those associated with Long Term Conditions, has raised the bar of demand and expectations of value for money solutions to care, monitoring, education, and quality of life, for governments, providers, and populations. By deploying evidenced based Assistive Technologies for mainly community-based care, providers are able to empower patients and reduce anxiety, educate patients to be aware of their symptoms and manage them effectively, resulting in the promotion of independence and so improving overall quality of life, and a reduction of the burden on health and social care providers and fund holders.



… the importance of assistive technologies

Assistive Technologies can help people live independently with interventions ranging from health monitoring of conditions such as Diabetes, health education and coaching of conditions such as COPD, health management of conditions such as Asthma, alert mechanisms of conditions such as Dementia, as well as care management and monitoring, through initiatives such as the prevention of falls and continence issues.



…moving to the top of the agenda

Assistive Technologies is moving to the top of the agenda of existing, emerging and developing health and social care economies across the world, in supporting greater cost effective use of resources, improved quality of life for the population, and ultimately a reduction in mortality rates. Global Care Hub recognising the distinct questions that the Assistive Technology issue presents:

  • What works…how and where?
  • Where are the development opportunities?
  • What evidence exists to inform investment?
  • How can we prioritise resources?
  • Can we successfully compete with established suppliers?
  • How can we embrace innovation effectively?
  • Who can we approach to develop ideas further?
  • Where are the opportunities for collaboration?


We leverage on strong network and supplier

Underpinned by a strong network of suppliers and providers around the world and a proven track record of success, Global Care Hub provide resources that deliver thought

  • leadership,
  • expertise,
  •  influence,
  • evidence, and
  • collaborative intelligence

to enable effective support to health and social care public, independent, and third sector suppliers, commissioners and providers.


Our value proposition

How can we support the urgent challenge for suppliers, providers and commissioners in the growth of Assistive Technologies?

Our highly experienced team can provide clients with a key resource delivering:

  • Product development support
  • Financial modelling
  • Market intelligence and brand placement
  • Development of productive innovation structures
  • Business planning and strategies
  • Brokerage of commercial relationships and contracts
  • Facilitation of collaborative and joint partnership agreements
  • Development of efficiency and efficacy evidence – proof of concept.
Global Care Hub have significant expertise, skills and capabilities in the Assistive Technologies space and are ready to support your organisation in realising immediate solutions to these questions.






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