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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Global Care Hub understands the immediate, evolving, and future challenges facing the ICT arena within health and social care, with practical, strategic, and innovative solutions underpinned by technical and industry experience and expertise.



The driving intent of health and social care reforms on a global scale has been to simultaneously cut costs and expand health and social care coverage, which has created uncertainty of the ultimate impact on care provision. The objective of ICT development is to devise a delivery model with a workable core architecture that will provide social and economic benefits, thereby achieving a profound and sustainable transformation of the health and care economy.


… empower the individuals

The new focus for ICT stakeholders is on the development of solutions that empower the individual, in a social context, to improve and manage personal life as a citizen, older person, patient, consumer, or care professional. This delivers the challenge to health and social care organisations and governments to provide:

  • Live, or near live activity and conditions data
  • Integrated and co-ordinated systems and information sharing across public, independent and third sector groups
  • Smart and personalised strategies that are harmonised and promoted safety
  • Systems that focus on empowerment thought education and information, such as predictive tools and modelling
  • Image management solutions
  • Policy modelling for productivity gains and innovation in service provision and for identifying emerging societal trends
  • Condition and disease management (including issues of co-morbidities) through risk stratification and robust governance
  • Speed of access to diagnostic and care pathway data for decision makers and service users.


… silo working proved to be ineffective

The global challenge of improved ICT provision has created a demand by a health and social care market that is embarking on more effective joint up working and service delivery. Traditionally silo working within organisations, typified by ICT systems and protocols, is now rejected as inefficient and incapable of delivering practical sharing and collaborative practice. This, coupled with the emergence of innovative tools and systems, such as those underpinning assistive technologies and monitoring capabilities, provides an irresistible requirement for change, for suppliers, commissioners and providers.


We understand your “state of art”

Through collaborative working and on-going contract working, Global Care Hub consultants understand the pressures of a highly competitive ICT market to enable pertinent, accurate, and accessible high quality data, information, systems, and applications that promote good governance and collaboration across sectors and stakeholders.  Global Care Hub recognises that different health and social care economies are at varying stages of development. From transforming information sharing and database inputs from paper based to electronic systems, to the provision of live data streams enabling effective decision making, to the transfer of efficient diagnostic reporting and interpretation, practical and cost effective solutions are required.


… primary goals

The primary goals of emerging, developing and established health and social care economies are to improve healthcare infrastructure, and provide common platforms, data management solutions and remote access, as well as achieving widespread adoption of healthcare information technology.

Our value proposition

Global Care Hub has the skills, vision, network, and ambition to support organisations in realising the changing face of ICT in health and social care economies, whatever stage of the transformation journey is apparent. Interventions and resources can be provided to support the delivery of initiative such as:
  • Integration and solutions architecture
  • Patient-centric strategies
  • Financial modelling, with cost benefits profiling
  • Market intelligence and brand placement
  • Development of productive innovation structures
  • Business planning and strategies
  • Brokerage of commercial relationships and contracts
  • Facilitation of collaborative and joint partnership agreements
  • Product development and placement
  • Benchmarking and best practice analysis
  • Horizon scanning and future proofing of pipeline development.



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