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Global Care Hub provides an outstanding resource to support existing, emerging, and developing global health economies around the world. With in-depth knowledge and an intimate understanding of current and future healthcare challenges in terms of efficiency, efficacy, cost and quality, Global Care Hub can deliver dynamic and transformational leadership, influence, innovation, and critical best practice to ensure real-world added value to our clients.

…  More for Less

The global challenge of an ageing population with rising expectations, against the backdrop of an increasing cost of care delivery, the requirement for greater emphasis on prevention, and the demands of ‘more for less’, is forcing  a shift in strategic and planning agendas in how healthcare will be conceived and delivered for years to come.

Governments, budget holders and providers, face immediate and on-going choices in terms of

  • intelligent investment,
  • redesigning, reshaping, and
  • reforming historical based healthcare provision

to ensure effective personalised care, with evidenced based clinical practice, and affordable and sustainable resource management.


Global Care Hub support

We support organisations within existing, emerging and developing health economies, by delivering cost-benefit, innovative, high quality, and population relevant expertise and governance, covering:

  • Primary Care
  • Hospital Based Care
  • Public and Population Health
  • Care of Older People
  • Mental Health, including Forensic and specialist services
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Tourism
  • Medicines Management

… partnership with budget holders

The demand for public, independent and third sector healthcare providers to deliver new and innovative solutions to increasing demand and expectation in partnership with budget holders is greater than ever before. There is growing recognition that the old models of treatment and prevention are not sustainable in many health economies, with skilled, relevant and evidenced-led interventions required to support cost, priority, and delivery realignment.



… cost effective solutions

Ageing populations and technological advances are contributing rising healthcare costs throughout the world and will have a widespread impact on;

  • healthcare spending,
  • design of national systems,
  • and provision of new innovative, cost effective models of quality healthcare delivery.

The requirement is not just for the generation of greater awareness of the identified scalable and replicable models across markets, but for realistic, high quality and cost effective solutions to be implemented that provides healthcare systems’ security for populations, today and into the future.

Our portfolio of skills, experience and capabilities

  • organisational business restructuring,
  • care pathway redesign, market and business intelligence,
  •  benchmarking and intelligent best practice,
  • workforce training and development,
  • leadership of commercial opportunities,
  • governance, risk and compliance,
  • financial profiling,
  • supply change restructuring,
  • growth strategies and planning,
  • partnership facilitation,
  • development of innovation frameworks,
  • improved market positioning

Global Care Hub can deliver significant value to healthcare an governmental organisations.



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