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Social-Community Based Care

Global Care Hub have a wealth of experience and real-world expertise in supporting, developing and transforming social care organisations to enable the delivery of high quality, cost effective, and accessible services.

… the global cost of Dementia will be almost £400 billion in 2012.

With the unprecedented challenge facing governments and populations to meet the requirements of an ageing population living longer than ever before with associated morbidities and social care demands, Global Care Hub can provide a critical collaborative resource. Each national government, local government, communities and individuals need social care services that are intelligently commissioned and delivered, with safe and effective services that reflect the pressures on financial resources – highlighted by the striking statistics from a recent study showing that the global cost of Dementia will be almost £400 billion in 2012.


… significant and exciting opportunities are emerging for care providers

As a result of the social care global challenge, significant and exciting opportunities are emerging for care providers within a competitive marketplace, to enable commercially viable innovative solutions that provide cost benefits to stakeholders and new models of funding, organisation, and service provision. Global Care Hub is well positioned to support national and local governments, and independent and third sector organisations (including social enterprise groups), with experienced and skilled consultants who are passionate about maximising the potential presented by this requirement.


… optimise your resources

Recognising the linkages between safety, effectiveness and a positive experience of care in an environment of budgetary constraint, is absolutely crucial in building a rounded picture of personal experience, across both health and social care services; Global Care Hub provide a resource that is able to optimise resources across the health and social care economies, with experienced consultants familiar with the variance across different countries and regional systems.


We recognise the challenges

  • the demand to improve tailored, personalised care underpinned with robust data, safeguarding systems, and regulated governance structures.
  • the need for innovative strategies to support new funding arrangements and a growth in social capital, often require the transformation of existing organisations and services, together with the development of new providers through competition and collaboration.
  • the  irresistible challenge presented by
  • requirements for improved levels of sharing and partnership working in terms of information, resource, systems and resources, across health and social care commissioners and providers.

and support social care stakeholders, with our skills and capabilities.


Global Care Hub added value

  • Data and systems modelling and strategies
  • Leadership of collaborative arrangements
  • Financial profiling and planning
  • Market intelligence and brand placement
  • Development of innovation hubs and practice, including Assistive Technologies
  • Business planning and strategies
  • Benchmarking and best practice comparator analysis
  • Brokerage of commercial relationships and contracts
  • Design of services and management structures
  • Political and organisational sensitivity
  • Developing solutions to funding and revenue streams.



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